Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Australasia
A division of IAME

Our Association

Established on 16 January 1999, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders of Australasia (ATRA) is a division of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME).

A brief history...

The original ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) was founded on January 1, 1982. It was a voluntary, non-profit trade association based on and affiliated with the US based Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. ATRA was instrumental in bringing together the fledgling automatic transmission industry in Australia. It also set a precedence that was innovative to the automotive industry in Australia. ATRA provided members with a much needed source of technical information through a regular bi-monthly magazine named "ATRA/Torque". Through this magazine, members were kept informed of the constant changes in the automatic industry, with articles and information from overseas and locally. The resignation of its former Executive Officer, Peter Cardiff, in January 1999 prompted the directors of ATRA to join IAME. Winding up the association embraced a name change to what we are known now as Automatic Transmission Rebuilders of Australasia - the new ATRA! - which recognises our members in New Zealand and Fiji.

The new ATRA is steadily growing towards the proportions of the former ATRA association with its membership steadily increasing. With the support of IAME, ATRA is gaining support from both the industry and the general public. In conjunction with the Australian Automotive Trade Fair, we have put together a few very successful seminars where International and Local industry experts have presented up-to-date information to our members.

Due to the success of these seminars we look forward to our Annual Seminar, the Premier Event in the Transmission Industry.  Please watch our Events page to keep notified of our future seminars. With the administration of the IAME and the dedication from our members and elected officials, ATRA / IAME will again provide Australia the means by which the general public can enjoy the benefit from a structured automatic transmission industry. ATRA Members agree to support and adhere to rules and guidelines set by the committee and especially to the Code of Ethics which was adopted from the original ATRA association.

Some important provisions in the Code of Ethics are... That members do not engage in any false or misleading advertising. That they give FREE diagnostic service to the customers of other members. That they refrain from engaging in any other practice which might lower the standards or damage the reputation of the Automatic Transmission Repair Industry.

Automatic transmissions are more complicated, have more parts and operate at higher temperatures than previous transmissions. The specialists who repair them need higher skill levels than ever. Hands-on experience is not enough to keep them abreast of today's technology. Technicians supplement their high skill levels through subscribing to ATRA / IAME technical services, through studying the manufacturers manuals and updates and through up-to-date training provided by ATRA / IAME nationally. Have confidence in your transmission specialist! For all driveline service or repairs, feel confident in dealing with an ATRA / IAME member. He treats your vehicle with the respect it deserves.

Why choose an ATRA Member?

Started in Sydney in the early 1980’s ATRA has grown into a member network of independent automatic transmission professionals that cover every state in Australia and both islands of New Zealand. Its members are like minded, dedicated and enthusiastic automatic transmission experts. Each ATRA member workshop is independently owned and constantly stays abreast of technological changes and advances in automotive science by attending seminars, trade nights and training forums.

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